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From the Cthulhu Mythos to the Intergalactic Empire: The Kardashev Scale in Science Fiction

Theorists often judge a civilization by its energy demands and access to resources. More advanced a civilization is, bigger the demand for energy gets to feed the population, or to fuel the machines and technology. In 1964 the Russian astrophysicist … Continue reading

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Science in Science-Fiction

Could you watch a science fiction movie even though it is scientifically inaccurate? We all love science fiction especially because of all the cool technology and fancy science,  but sometimes fiction gets the best of it and we are left with … Continue reading

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Future uses of drones

At last some positive applications to drones 🙂 Some really interesting ideas! Sci-fi interfaces Chris: Oh my drone it’s DRONE WEEK! Wait…what’s drone week?Recently I was invited to the InfoCamp unConference at Berkeley where among the awesome and inspiring presentations, … Continue reading

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