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Antimicrobial resistance : The ticking bomb

… A ticking bomb that probably has already exploded, but no one tells us (and I personally prefer it this way). Antimicrobial resistance is a very broad term that is used when bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites develop resistance against drugs. … Continue reading

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The art of pacemaking

The anatomically correct modelling of a heartbeat created by a supercomputer: (video from supercomputational life science YouTube channel

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101 bioinformatics facts

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Science in Science-Fiction

Could you watch a science fiction movie even though it is scientifically inaccurate? We all love science fiction especially because of all the cool technology and fancy science,  but sometimes fiction gets the best of it and we are left with … Continue reading

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Science and liver chunks

To be honest, my research these days is not going so well. I have to change the enzymatic system I am using and haven’t quite decided yet which the new system should be. Only way to know for sure is … Continue reading

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