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The Cthulhu Bookmark

A friend of mine from the University is a very gifted crocheter (apart from being an accomplished neuroscientist). Recently she made a competition on her blog where the contesters had to reply to a few questions and there were awesome … Continue reading

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Home Stage, by David Perkins

I stumbled upon this amazing work from the photographer David Perkins, who represents dancers in their home environment. It combines the mystical world of dancers and the beauty of the photography. Here is the link to his blog and … Continue reading

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Alena Tkach’s Little Big Adventure

I redrew this detail from Alena Tkach’s work, the Little Big Adventures Of A Cat Lost In The Woods. The story is about a cat who gets lost in the forest. He makes cute little friends like him and finally finds his … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 21st century!

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So, I got engaged…

Often, before going to bed at night I think about what I’ll do the next day. Usually I do this while staring at the mirror, brushing my teeth. Sometimes it’s as simple as I should make filter coffee tomorrow or as … Continue reading

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Ranking the Villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Originally posted on Funk's House of Geekery:
The legendary Stan “The Man” Lee once spoke about how he had to put more effort into writing the villains than he did the heroes. The way Lee looked at it, the…

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Thoughts on infinity

There’s a blog named: “Of sense and sensibility” that I like a lot. It is very interesting and well written by a very intelligent person. Lately there was a post about the concept of infinity ( ) that got … Continue reading

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