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The Cthulhu Bookmark

A friend of mine from the University is a very gifted crocheter (apart from being an accomplished neuroscientist). Recently she made a competition on her blog where the contesters had to reply to a few questions and there were awesome … Continue reading

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Female characters in fantasy-fiction Part 2: “Strong” Female Characters

Why do we even need to specify “strong” when referring to female characters? Why such is not the case for their male counterparts? Maybe because in fiction, we saw too many females portrayed as damsels in distress, empty shells of love interests for … Continue reading

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Female characters in fantasy/fiction Part 1: Female Warrior Armors Suck!

No one would be surprised to hear me say that strong female protagonists are very dear to me 🙂 To be honest, I may not judge a book by its cover, but I certainly evaluate it by its female characters … Continue reading

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