Painting of the “Bizarre”

A few days ago I published Chapter 5 which is the only first person narrative in the book. If you haven’t read it yet, this post might contain spoilers so be warned.

We follow Chapter 5 from the point of view of Riley Miller. Those of you who are attentive and have read the stories from the beginning might have noticed that the events in Chapter 5 take place right before those in Chapter 3.  Chapter 3 starts right where Chapter 5 has left us. Also, the painting Lilith notices on the wall in Dr. White’s office belongs to Riley, showing us that later on she became a rather famous artist.

The Insect Figura by Seth Siro Anton

The Insect Figura by Seth Siro Anton

Riley’s artwork is indeed the type that would suit a Necromancer’s office. It is dark and creepy. She is fascinated by anatomy in a rather crude and medical way (enough to watch reconstructive plastic surgery videos for leisure). This causes Riley to be a somewhat socially awkward teenager. The way her mother describes Riley’s paintings, her art is rather close to the work of Seth Siro Anton. I’ll put pictures of his artwork through this post to show you guys what it looks like. You can also check his gallery by clicking on the link on his name. He also happens to be the bassist/vocalist of a metal band that I like a lot, called Septicflesh. He draws cover artwork for many other metal bands, that you might know of.

I think his work is highly influenced by artists like Witkin, Francis Bacon or Jan Saudek. I would be tempted to call this genre: “Bizarre” but I’m sure there’s another name for it.

Hodded Twins by Seth Siro Anton

Hodded Twins by Seth Siro Anton

Riley’s paintings are also in this genre. No wonder her work would appeal to a sociopath like Sonia von Heeringhof…

The Portrait of the Dead Countess is a rather disturbing story. At least it was intended to be so. Sonia von Heeringhof is a centuries old sorceress who toys with the life and psyche of an innocent teenager. She even seduces her (by means of some weird sorcery of course) just to mess with her mind, which, in my opinion, is very disturbing.

I mean, come on, a several hundred years old magical mass murderer and a teenage girl… who would write that? And who would read that?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 … Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Did I photoshop-closed her mouth? Nope, I guess someone else did 🙂


Pope Innocent X by Francis Bacon

I wanted this story to be disturbing because I think this type of art (not only Witkin, Bacon, Anton or Saudek but also Pierre Molinier, Claude Cahun, Hans Bellmer) as fascinating and mesmerizing I may find it, it is also very disturbing. Bodies are portrayed as object rather than human beings and I find that the “objectification” of the human body is very, very disturbing if not scary.

I didn’t put in this post, the artwork that I am really referring to not to hit on anybody’s nerves. But you can find your way in Google to see what I am talking about. You can also Google their names and find out more about these artists. Needless to say that it might not be “safe for work” 🙂

The Hyerophant by Seth Siro Anton

The Hyerophant by Seth Siro Anton

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