Magic in the Book of the 7 Forbidden Wisdoms

In Chapter 3 we have met the Demon of Occult. Therefore I figured it’s about time to talk about magic.

When it comes to magic every imaginary universe have their own system. For example in Ursula K. Le Guin’s masterpiece Earthsea series, everything has a “true” name in the old speech (which is actually the language of the dragons) and if you know the true name of something you can have power over it.

I don’t remember how it was for the Harry Potter series :/ although I should because it’s very popular…

In the universe our stories take place there are many types of magical beings but only two types of magicians: sorcerers and thaumaturgists. Sorcerers are able to cast spells, craft magical objects and communicate with animals. The latter is demonstrated in Chapter 3 by Adam (who uses the help of ravens and rats during his search for the missing portrait) and also, of course, by Sekhmet in the way he communicates with humans.


Thaumaturgists on the other hand have power over the elements that constitute nature, namely earth, water, fire, air and metal. They can also cast spells but each time they need to channel power through an element. For the time being, the only thaumaturgist we have met is Simon. We’ll meet another one soon and she will show us how to use thaumaturgy in order to be able to cast spells just like sorcerers do.

Other than magicians there are also magical beings. The best example to these are spirits. We have minor spirits like Hector and Beebe, for example. They have powers related to the gods they serve.

Then we have elemental spirits. They serve major gods and additional to powers related to those they also have access to elemental magic just like thaumaturgists do.

LilithSo far in the stories the only elemental spirit we have met is Lilith who serves the god of coincidences. The spirit of the air element, The white spirit has the power to force anything coincidental to actually happen. She is also very good with stealth, which allows her to sneak in just about anywhere or to hide on plain sight. She’s a very good shot when it comes to firearms but she’s yet to show us some thaumaturgy tricks.

Later in the stories we will meet other elemental spirits starting by the Red Spirit in Chapter 4, the spirit of the fire element. Personally the red spirit is one of my favorite characters 🙂

Needless to mention that the demonic arts presented in the forbidden book are also different forms of magic that humans can perform even if they are not sorcerers or thaumaturgists. Only 3 of the forbidden wisdoms require a special gift. For the moment we only know one of them: Necromancy. We will discover the other 2 in the future chapters 🙂

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1 Response to Magic in the Book of the 7 Forbidden Wisdoms

  1. Semilia says:

    If I recall properly, in the Harry Potter serie, you can do magic or you can’t. Hence the schools of magic to teach people who can do magic how to control it. If you don’t have the ability to do magic, you can’t do anything about it.
    Speaking of magic, I’m in the middle of (re re re re…)reading the book series “Belgariade” by David Eddings in which there is a certain amount of magic. If I’m not wrong, there is also a feeling of “choosen people” who have the ability to learn magic. If you don’t have it, once again, you can’t learn it. What I like a lot about magic in these books is that, even though you can destroy or create things with magic, you can’t just make them disappear and cease to be. If you were to do that, Nature wouldn’t allow it and the spell would turn on you and make you cease to be. Apparently that’s how sorcerers commit suicide in that universe (because they live forever…). 🙂

    I wonder if there is a “no no” rule about magic in your universe. Things that are absolutely forbidden because it causes too much destruction/chaos/anybadthing. Maybe something that have happened before ? Maybe that would be an idea for a Prequel ? 😀

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