Buzzworthy and the perks of over sharing

A few days ago I posted Chapter 2. This post may contain some spoilers if you haven’t read Chapter 2 yet. So you have been warned 🙂

In Chapter 2 we meet Buzzworthy, the demon of social networks. In the modern days, where we wake up, get news from people all over the world and then get out of the bed, Buzzworthy is a very busy demon.

I was born in the early 80s. Mobile phones came to the market when I was in junior high. Oh by the way if you were wondering where the idea comes from…

maxresdefault (1)


Yep… The communicators on Star Trek 🙂 It is a good example to how much science fiction can be ahead of the technology of its time.

Maybe (if you are a science fiction fan like me) you have other examples to this (leave a comment if you do! We should compare notes).

There was only one boy in our class who owned a mobile phone and we all made fun of him. By the time I was in high school everyone owned a mobile and not having one became unthinkable.

Does anyone remember the Matrix phone from Nokia?


Looks sooo retro now, doesn’t it? Anything that doesn’t have a touchscreen looks like ages old.

Oh by the way if you don’t know where that idea comes from:


Yep! Again, Star Trek. The story is that for the second generation movies they didn’t have enough budget to recreate those ruby-like illuminated buttons


So they just took a plastic film with the pictures of the buttons and pasted it on an illuminated screen. Way to go guys!

But let’s get back to mobile phones. It is actually very funny. We had never realized that we needed to be reachable any time and anywhere but now, we basically cannot live without it.

Try and do the experiment. Leave your phone at home for one day (spoiler: it will be a nightmare).

For the internet and the personal computers it was pretty much the same. But the internet also satisfies another need that we have: over sharing… Of course, by that I mean sharing the details of one’s personal life (and more personal detail than is absolutely necessary).

Unlike the mobile phones “sharing” is ages old. You know, when you take a long bus ride and this guy sits next to you and asks you “Where do you come from?” and then goes on and on and tells you the story of his life… Imagine this guy, standing on a barrel in the middle of a crowd and yelling the story of his life, what he ate for dinner (he shows you the picture), his relationship status, etc. This is like Facebook. And if he were to yell it inside a well only for the whole village to hear the echo of his words (like in the story of the King Midas) it would be like the Whisper.

But the difference with the social networks is the Internet. Everyone must have heard the saying: “Once something is on the Internet, it is there forever”. Meaning that people can trace it back to you. Just like the way Buzzworthy finds Cindy.


Of course that we are proud of what we share and proud of who we are. We don’t do anything wrong in our lives and we certainly don’t need to hide from anyone. But the thing is, something that is perfectly normal today, can become illegal tomorrow. With some governments this wouldn’t even be a surprise.

Also, we don’t actually control what we are putting out there. By this, I mean the metadata. I recently found out that Facebook records even the posts that you actually don’t send, the posts that you write but then change your mind and never publish.

Check this out:


It is part of a research they are doing on self-censuring.

Now that the mobile phones and the Internet have united, in one device that is the smartphone, we are constantly on it. You probably must have heard the “Smartphones, dumb people” mantra, maybe too much. But seriously, when you find yourself in this situation:

screenshot from Adeel Khan's video

screenshot from Adeel Khan’s video

You have a feeling that something is wrong. It makes me think of the book Blind Faith from Ben Elton. People are always and constantly connected to social networks, sharing details of their lives that are meaningless even to them, instead of looking up and experiencing life.

Finally, check this awesome blog post:

which I think summarizes all the reasons why a self-absorbed, over sharing, under caring society can be scary.

Am I right? What do you think?

Live long and prosper

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6 Responses to Buzzworthy and the perks of over sharing

  1. Very interesting perspectives, that other blog link showing how Huxley seems to have been more correct than Orwell is troubling. Orwell’s correct for societies like North Korea and other totalitarian states or regions where free flow of knowledge isn’t prevalent, but for capitalist consumer societies it looks like Huxley really did have a strong feel for where things were headed. I certainly would take too much availability of information to no information though, and pleasure to communist type oppression, but it’s true people sharing details that are often irrelevant even to themselves is spot on. And it’s crazy how facebook even keeps track of the posts you don’t send haha the information age is a trip

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  2. I totally agree to that 🙂
    I think the modern society goes towards a fusion between Huxley (consumer, pleasure society that over shares) and Orwell (the big brother NSA that watches). Which of course is not very reassuring…


  3. I could definitely never leave my phone at home… it’s strange being part of that generation that grew up without them one minute but with a constant need for them the next! I have recently taken to putting mine on silent in the evenings though so I don’t get distracted for the entire day by emails! That’s a rather scary fact about Facebook and the recording of non published posts though… big brother is watching :-S

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  4. You are absolutely right! And there’s this Murphy’s law, the day you don’t have your phone with you, some stuff will come up and you can be sure that you’ll urgently need your phone 🙂
    Big brother is watching, listening and storing metadata 🙂


  5. says:

    Another exemple of pre-depiction of cellphones / iWatch : Dick Tracy!

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