A few words on the Divine Vipers and music

Yesterday I posted Chapter 1. if you haven’t read it yet “spoiler alert” you may want to check it out before you continue reading this post.

Chapter 1 features the story of a band called Divine Vipers (among other things). The name of the band is a reference to Simbi Anpaka in the previous story “Tales of a Librarian” and the band itself is an allusion to most of the young bands out there. Of course by young bands I mean newly formed ones,  for which the future is totally unclear.

Most of what the band goes through in the story has happened to me in real life. Of course not the demon summoning… or the magical books, or being held prisoner by gods… OK, let’s say that some of their story has a part of reality in it.

As a bass player, I have been in several bands so far. I started in high school in a band that was maybe the most talented bunch of musicians I played with. I liked these guys (and girls) so much! The drummer we had on that band was one of the funniest, maybe clumsiest but the most clever girls I have met so far. The character named Rebecca in the story is mostly influenced by this person.

I think these guys went on and became pretty famous later on (here they are):

I had to quit that band to pursue other more important commitments such as my studies. I was too young to be in such a successful band growing so fast. Because we tend to forget about it but high school is a full-time job!

Once in university I only played for myself (for a bass player that sounds weird) meaning that I practiced every now and then, learned some songs to play along with the computer without being in a real band.

I don’t know if I really need to say it but once you’re out of it you miss being in a band! Playing with people is totally different. That’s why when a band of 2 suggested me to play bass as a session musician I totally jumped on the occasion. That band was called MEEXXO and I think they still exist (go check ’em out if they do):

Later on the guitarist/vocalist of that band moved to United States and formed the Dirty Skips:

Then I joined the band who did the opening gigs for MEEXXO as a full time bassist, but this band doesn’t exist anymore.

It broke off with too much drama. I mean really…. And my actual band is on some sort of a stand by. Going through stuff like that it makes you reconsider how you handle human relationships. And I happen to handle them badly… really badly.

These last two experiences clearly showed me that I am a bit like the character named Matthew in the story. He is there, he is committed, but constantly criticizes everyone else’s decision and he complains, without suggesting any feasible solutions. But hey! I’ll grow up one day… I am sure of it.

So what about Thomas? I think this guy is the “common ground” character every band needs in their lineup. He is committed, works hard, manages the tensions between the band members (and sometimes to the detriment of his relationship with his girlfriend), he knows where to go and tries hard to get there (even if he has to seek the help of supernatural entities). You need a guy like that in every band.

All this, is of course my experience on playing music with other human beings. Leave a comment and tell me the story of your band 🙂

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